Welcome Aboard!

Why a new website? As I prepare for my seventh and final year of seminary, I wanted a new space to share a bit of my adventures and theological interests.

A website can hardly capture the joys and challenges of life in ministry. Neither can the best-framed photos for Facebook and Instagram replicate the invisible graces of God that I’ve encountered in moments of conversation with others or prayer on my own.

My life with the Paulists has taken me far from my native Texas and brought me many adventures from coast to coast. I have been called to the mission of sharing God’s joy with people across all situations of life. I also see myself as a pilgrim, journeying to the places others find sacred and letting God encounter me in the surprising moments beyond my comfort zone.

I envision this website as a kind of travel blog (and I chose a travel blog template for that reason) to share with those who may be considering. I also hope this site may connect me with others who may share my ministerial interests and open new possibilities for collaboration.

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