Ordination Weekend

To mark my first month of priesthood I want to share photos and videos from the weekend of July 25. I am relieved to share that none of the priests or guests fell ill from that weekend or since, which is a testament to the stringent preparations and precautions that were taken.

I don’t really notice my mask or the masks of others when I’m out in public or celebrating Mass these days. I think this will be the new normal for several months to come. Yet I am surprised by how strange I look wearing a mask in these photos. The photos commemorate the strangeness of this reality for posterity, and despite the odd aesthetics, the beauty of the sacrament lies beyond the superficial appearances.

Ordination Mass

Below are photos and the live-stream broadcast of my ordination on July 25. Here is a link to the worship aid with readings and hymns from the liturgy.

Virtual Reception

Thanks to the ingenuity of my brothers from the seminary, we were able to celebrate virtually on that Saturday evening with a mix of real-time banter, video toasts, and this special musical number.

The entire reception can be viewed here, and below is the musical number performed by the Paulist priests at our Mother Church in New York City.

First Mass of Thanksgiving

I celebrated my “First Mass” the following morning with my brother Paulist priests and the parish community watching via the live-stream. Here is worship aid, and below are the photos and the live-stream broadcast.

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  1. I “attended” and rejoiced with you all the way, but these photos and videos are wonderful to see again. Congratulations to you. I look forward to seeing you move through your Paulist journey. I know your family is super proud of you. As a mother of two sons I can imagine your mother’s an grandmother’s thrills and joys as they watched you ordained.


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