Commemorative Prayer Card

In the Catholic Church it is customary to print small prayer cards to commemorate ordinations and other milestones. I asked my friend from theology studies, Fr. Manu Franco Gómez, O.Carm. if he could design and print my card based on one his illustrations of Jesus calming the storm at sea. On March 27, 2020 Pope... Continue Reading →

Ordination Weekend

To mark my first month of priesthood I want to share photos and videos from the weekend of July 25. I am relieved to share that none of the priests or guests fell ill from that weekend or since, which is a testament to the stringent preparations and precautions that were taken. I don't really... Continue Reading →

Serving Generation Z

Most people have probably never heard of Generation Z or given them much thought, but their formation is crucial to the future of our our Church and our nation.

The Faith of St Ambrose

This December 7 we celebrate the Feast of St. Ambrose, who hailed from Milan. It's busiest season of the year with so much focus on Christmas, but I wanted to share why St. Ambrose helps orient my own life towards the hope that Advent inspires.

Diaconate Ordination

The day after my final profession with the Paulist Fathers I was ordained a deacon alongside five other seminarians from religious communities. People have asked me if I feel any different since, and truth be told, yes. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the immense gift that I have received. I did a fair bit... Continue Reading →

The Camino

I'm an avid traveler, but my trips have usually centered around people rather than places. If I travel alone, I always find destinations where I can visit family or friends. This summer I wanted to challenge myself to become more comfortable befriending complete strangers, so I visited the traveled alone to community of Taizé and walked a portion of the Camino.


This summer I lived in Rome for three weeks while studying at the Centro Pro Unione. I have very mixed feelings about the city. On the one hand, I associate Rome with distant church leaders who care more about serving their own careers and the finer things of institution, keeping their distance from the struggles... Continue Reading →


Earlier in June I spent five days visiting the Taizé community in France. Most Catholics would probably be familiar with Taizé chants, which are simple songs composed by the monks of Taizé for their daily prayers. The story of the community is far more rich and complex.

Summer Travels

With this summer being my last as a graduate student, I sought to make the most of it with stays in 22 different cities across six different countries and two continents.

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