Here are a few of my ministerial and personal interests. Please reach-out if you would like to collaborate on any of these efforts or come have me speak to your group!

Ministerio Hispano / Hispanic Ministry

Most of my pastoral ministry assignments have been with Spanish-speaking communities in DC, Grand Rapids, and Maryland.

Here are a few special projects I was involved in during my Pastoral Year in Michigan:

  • Plan Pastoral Diocesano para el Ministerio Hispano, Grand Rapids.
  • Entrenamientos para Lectores y Ministros Extraordinarios de la Sagrada Comunión.
  • Renovación parroquial sobre el Llamado a la Santidad según Gaudete et Exsultate.

For the past four years I have also led RCIA and Confirmation classes for high school students and adults in Spanish or bilingual settings. Given the lack of resources in Spanish, I have been developing my own course materials to supplement the textbooks.

Moral Theology / Social Ethics

I’m fascinated by the freedom God has given humanity to be co-creators. New technologies allow us to live longer and more comfortably, but we must also acknowledge that over a billion people still lack the resources to survive. We are also only just beginning to understanding the long-lasting harm that such technologies cause to our environment and the welfare of future generations. Technology both shapes and is influenced by economic, political, and cultural factors, which ultimately reflect the theological and philosophical beliefs of the people.

People often arrive at their beliefs without much reflection. I hope that the next generation of Catholics will be better formed to think critically about the ethical demands of our faith and will be more engaged in dialogue with others in society to use technology well. As a former engineer, I’m particularly interested in educating others to develop and deploy technology in just ways. I’ve taken doctoral-level electives in the field of social ethics, and I’ve spoken about environmental ethics from a Catholic perspective at university and parish settings. Here are a few of the larger events that I’ve spoken at:



In my free time I love to go on 3 to 5 miles jogs around my neighborhood. If the weather is not too cold, I try get out once a week to take advantage of DC’s amazing national parks and run along the National Mall, Rock Creek Park, or the National Arboretum.


Washington, D.C. has an unparalleled number of museums, and I try to visit museums at least once a month. My absolute favorite museum is the National Portrait Gallery. More than just a diverse collection of art spanning five centuries, it tells the story of the United States of America. I always leave feeling more connected to my country’s history and challenged to consider how the Paulists can continue to shape our nation and culture for the better given the challenges of our age. The National Portrait Gallery is also one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, and I love enjoying an espresso in the peaceful atrium.


Perhaps my favorite part of returning to university after having worked full-time has been the ample time-off between semesters. I have been assigned to internships in different cities every year of formation, but we also get several weeks every year to visit family. I have lived in Rome and five different states besides the District of Colombia with the Paulists, and I’ve used my days off to explore the cities and surrounding regions wherever I’ve been assigned.

I also return to Texas frequently and visit relatives in Colombia almost every year.


Since I’m neither musically trained nor gift in painting, photography is my artistic outlet and a way to celebrate the beauty of God’s creation. Sunsets and seasonal photos are particularly meaningful to me because the moments are fleeting. Quite often they come about after extensive preparation and planning to be in the right place at the right time. Yet the magnificence of the scenes are greater than anything I can invent through my own efforts.

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